Lamp `Schemer’ | Notenhout | Edison | Bakeliet | Messing | Vintage Lamp ‘Shade'
€ 299
Lamp `Draaiknop’ | Notenhout | G80 Edison | bakeliet | vintage Lamp ‘Turn Switch'
€ 279
Lamp ‘Trek’ | messing en hardhout | Edison gloeilamp Lamp ‘pull'
€ 185

Lamp 'Disc black' - Shou Sugi Ban - Iroko Lamp ‘Disc Black'
€ 225

Lamp ‘Schijf rev.1’ | notenhout | ST64 Edison | naturel Lamp ‘Disc rev.01'
€ 199
Lamp ‘Dail’ | Notenhout | G80 Edison | bakeliet | vintage Lamp ‘Dial'
€ 249

About ZzzDesign

ZzzDesign manufactures small series handcrafted objects with great attention to detail and proportions.

In November 2015 ZzzDesign was founded by Ramon de Greeuw with the goal to design and make small series design objects. ZzzDesign manufactures small series design furniture with a twist and simple lamps with an authentic old 'deco' appearance. Materials used are: various types of oiled hardwood, ceramics, brass, fabric cords, Kraft paper, etc.

The lamps have an old vintage ’deco' style and the 'Edison’ filament bulbs provide soft, warm and atmospheric light. Each lamp contains a built-in dimmer to adjust brightness and reduce power consumption. The lamps are individually handmade in our studio in Amsterdam.

Besides objects designed and made ​​in our own studio, ZzzDesign also 'edits' readymade objects/parts into new and unique objects.

International customers from outside the EU can also find our products on Etsy